JMMB Fund Managers

Overview & History

JMMB Fund Managers (JMMB FM), formerly Capital & Credit Fund Managers (CCFM) provides its discerning investors with opportunities to invest and save their money, through a pool of funds that is invested in diversified investment solutions.

JMMB FM is a subsidiary of the JMMB Group Limited and is one of four Fund Managers operating in Jamaica’s financial sector.

JMMB FM is primarily engaged in the management of investment funds and the selling of units to the public on the fund’s behalf.

The Company partners with its clients to offer a full range of investment options including its three special funds which are; The Income and Growth Fund; The Optimum Fund and The Giltedge Fund, all being excellent vehicles for building wealth.

CCFM was formed when Capital & Credit Merchant Bank and CCFG jointly acquired 92.73 per cent shareholding in Jamaica Unit Trust Services Limited on May 28, 2004 and renamed it. Also a CCMB subsidiary, it was formally launched on March 7, 2005.

Its acquisition has expanded the JMMB Group’s customer base significantly and has added a new dimension to our range of products and services, by providing a wider investment base for   clients.

JMMB FM is licensed under the Unit Trust Act and is also regulated by the Financial Services Commission.

Daily Unit Prices

Unit Trust Prices - Tuesday May 05, 2015

Daily Unit Prices: 
BuySell12 Mnth GrowthY-T-D Growth Yield
CCFM Income & Growth$7.80 $7.96 16.07%9.24%2.48%
CCFM Optimum Capital$18.37 $18.93 4.17%2.42%3.21%
CCFM Giltedge$17.42 $17.42 6.67%2.10%5.28%